Admirals invite you to a special series of interviews with the world’s top traders. Join us and discover the secrets and stories that made these experts legendary in the trading world. Host Theo Theodorou will chat with industry stars like Dr. Elder, Anna Coulling, and Steve Nison, to name a few. Don’t miss these 60-minute sessions where each trader will share their insights and experiences.

1. Dr. Alexander Elder: A psychiatrist-turned-trader, Dr. Elder is known for his book ‘The New Trading for a Living’ and believes in the freedom of trading.

2. Anna Coulling: A believer in continuous learning, Anna is a day trader and author, offering a unique three-dimensional approach to the market.

3. Steve Nison: Tune in this February to learn from Steve, the master of Japanese Candlesticks, and his decades of charting experience.

4. Andrew Krieger: Dive into the world of currency with Andrew, who once made a whopping 300 million USD in just one day.

5. John Bollinger: Meet the creator of the Bollinger Bands, John, and learn about his revolutionary trading tool.

6. Fun Trader Facts: George Soros made a massive profit selling GBP in 1992. Jesse Livermore cashed in by shorting during the 1929 Wall Street Crash. John Paulson made headlines by shorting the US subprime mortgage market in 2007.

7. Becoming a Pro: Want to trade like the best? It’s all about education, risk management, and experience. Keep learning and stay updated!

Legendary Investors: Echoes from the Past and Present

When it comes to the realm of investing, certain names stand out, not just for their success but for their strategies, foresight, and resilience.

Warren Buffett: Dubbed the “Oracle of Omaha,” Buffett’s name is synonymous with value investing. With a sharp eye for undervalued companies and a long-term investment horizon, Buffett has amassed considerable wealth and is often lauded for his simple yet effective investment philosophies.

Thomas Rowe Price Jr.: Often referred to as the “father of growth investing,” Price Jr. founded the globally recognized T. Rowe Price investment firm. His knack for spotting companies with promising growth prospects has left an indelible mark on the investment world.

John Templeton: A pioneer in the field of global investment, Templeton’s approach was characterized by his broad diversification methods and emphasis on buying at the “point of maximum pessimism.” His strategies have made him one of the most successful mutual fund managers of the 20th century.

Your Gateway to Trading Excellence

At Admirals, our mission is to provide a platform for both budding and seasoned traders and investors to learn, engage, and prosper. With our series of interviews, not only will you gain insight into the minds of trading legends, but you’ll also be equipped with actionable knowledge to embark on your own trading journey.

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